Free Up Your Evenings With Meal Prep Services

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Do you hate grocery shopping? Are you trying to eat healthier? Cinnamon-N-Sage has the perfect solution for you. We provide healthy meal preparation services for Davenport, Iowa area residents. Our team incorporates each of the food groups into our meals to help you maintain a balanced diet. We also take dietary restrictions into account, so let us know if you're vegan or vegetarian.

After you place your order, we'll email you your pickup date and time. Your meals will be ready in two to three days. Since we don't currently offer delivery services, you'll have to pick up your meals during normal business hours.

Call 563-888-1312 now to sign up for our meal prep services in Davenport, Iowa. We accept credit card payments using Square.

3 benefits of meal preparation

3 benefits of meal preparation

Healthy meal preparation yields all kinds of benefits. When you sign up for meal prep services at Cinnamon-N-Sage, you'll:

  1. Save time, money and energy by having us fix your meals
  2. Avoid the temptation of eating everything in your fridge
  3. Get perfectly portioned meals to avoid wasting food or overeating

Not to mention, you'll also avoid the busyness of grocery stores and the stress of cooking meal after meal each week. Make your life easier with our healthy meal preparation services. Contact us today to place your order.